Friday, February 27, 2009

26 Nov 2008: What I so proud of?

Today is 26 Nov 2008, I was going to a Toastmaster meeting. I realized I’d give a public speaking which enrolled with power. I still think what is working and what is not working. Purpose is to improve for next topic. This had reminded me that there are allot of speaker I met up which I proud of them.

While proud of people that I met up, there are three companies in the world that I know and I’m so proud of them

Why I so proud of what I’m doing lately regardless of what, my work, my speech or my business. I proud of my work as engineer which is developing new cutting edge microprocessor to help human calculate extra miles for their computation. However, I notice majority does not proud of what they are doing. To them their work and commitment is nightmare and burden. I’m wondering why? It reminded me I was just like that before, I complaint and thought the thing I did is not good enough so I was not rewarded enough. When there is not enough, I never been enough. I do not know when I start to love my job and proud of what I’m doing. It is because I started to appreciate my life from day to day. Today I learn a phrase where it applied very well. “Yesterday has gone, if tomorrow never come, what are you going to do for today?” That’s why I so proud of what people speech that can bring value to other people.

My company, Intel is the best in it’s industry at the same time it was recognized as top 3 CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) award by the country in 2007. It is one of the companies that I’m so proud of it. The company paid society when we spent our hours in the charity. It means when we do work as volunteer, company paid the party that we had helped them. Company set target to archive 1 million volunteer hours. This is something no other is doing as I know off. I’m proud because I join the company and work as volunteer; when I help people, they get more value from us and also benefit.

The second company I’m proud of is Asia Works Malaysia. What Works? Yes, it is Asia Works. I do not work for this company but I paid the company for my training fee. This is a company that helps me to find myself and commitment of my life. This is the company tought me to do community service to the people who need it. It is a company let me have fun while moving forward in my life. It is a company that taught me how to sign my own contract of my life. It is the place where people connect with each other, lighten up each other’s life. It is a place where I have allot of close friends. Every time I went back there, it is like I ‘m going home. I’m proud to be the family member of Asia Works. Family member from this company always do great thing to the world at any time.

The third company I proud of, is Nu Skin Enterprise. The company creates initiative to end world hunger by solving mul-nutrition problem for third world’s hungry children. It was the Top 4 CSR (Corporate Social Responsible) award in 2007 as well. The company who did so well in helping other people in the world to stay young and healthy by generating scientific proven health solution, a company create system that can help people to growth up lifting and also become better and better. It is a company driving my life to next level. I never realized what I can do until this company show up. It helped allot other to get their dream and get them to help more people. It is the best in it’s industry.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I'm in

Lately, I almost lost why I’m so busy everyday. I’m glade that my Love Wan Lee together walking this path with me. I’m wondering why I’m in Nuskin Business for 1.5 years.

When I ask my self why? I almost forgot. There is one reason I’m into it when I recalled my memory how I started this business. It was started when I was backed to home to my parents during Chinese New Year. It supposed to be the year of 2007. Normally Chinese New year for young people almost going out all day night and did not stay at home. That was what I did for pass few years every time I cerebrating Chinese New Year. But during that year, I stayed at home more and do not feel like to go out. I realized my parent both are getting elder this year. I felt very sad when I look at both of their faces with more wrinkles, hair growth to be white. I recalled when I was a child, they are not look like that. It is real, because I was already 31 years old. How could they not reach to 50ths of their years? There is one thing being even real. They are getting into their retire age, as I knew them for so many years, with their working back ground, they do not have saving ready for retire. My father was a carpenter and my mother working for a nursery as cook. All the time, my father income to be the source of the operating cost of this family. And seem god was treated us very well, it just nice to fit the family, as for my mother’s income, 50% is consumed by our education fund, and remaining is helping to support family expenses to loosen my father’s burden.

As the only son for them and with only a 12 years old sister, this has alarming me to wake up and to take a deep look into the matter. I did pay them every month from my income. The question to me was, how much I need for them if one day they cannot work and had no income for their retirement age? And this day will come very soon. I did ask my mum how much she needs for now to sustain her self without working. She told me RM1000. That means I need RM2000 for both of them. I think that is reasonable minimum expenses for a family to be sustained comfortly. However, that is not a small amount of money to me, it is at least 3X of what I paid them currently. It could be more as price of goods keep increasing from time to time. What can I do? That is a first question raised to me. Wan Lee did remind me, they are my parent, I cannot run away from the responsibilities regardless of I like it or not. I like to thanks she reminded me as I’m responsible for that.

I decided to take ownership to find solution. There are allot of things I can do. I can do part time work. I started to look around. Believed me or not, there is not much part-time work can give me RM2000/month. There is two ways to create more income, doing a part time business or ask my company to pay me extra RM2000. I think the second option not likely will happen. Even it happen, it will be 5-8 years later and the extra money will be used up by my future children.

Things were fated to come when you need it, few weeks later after that, I meet Nuskin in a gathering with few friends of Wan Lee’s parent, after understanding the company and product. I was not attracted to it even the product show amazing result. Why, it is just another network marketing company, Nu Skin Enterprise. However, I was invited to their business opportunity meeting. Why not, I still go with an open mind. In there, I saw the complete company background and business plan. I was attracted by the business plan when I do a simple mathematic calculation, because I see something in it. It could help me to create income for my parent. And I know it will growth with my effort. It makes more sense to me. But I did not join immediately and they do not ask me to join although I’m so excited and start sharing with my friends. After two weeks doing company checking and product review, I call them and said I want to join. I joined Nuskin in March 2007 because of 2 reasons. One is to create income for my parents, two is there is no big capitol involve and is suite my convenient time.

Now, every month I did call my mum, "mum, did you receive a pay check from Nuskin?". This is why I keep doing it. That is the passion I’m doing this business. That is the reason I never fall back. I have to make sure they received a check every month. It started with a few 10 Ringgits. Until now a few hundreds at this moment, I know it will reach the amount one day. And this day will come. I know to create this is not easy as most people thought. It is the path I’d chosen and it is my responsible to deliver it. That’s why I’m a crazy guy which most normal people may want to avoid me. I chose to be a responsible son for them and that is the price I’m willing to pay.

The funniest thing I realized is, I received a pay check which is few X higher than my mum’s check from this company at the same time. I’m glade I’m in. A company compensates you more when you do great thing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What is life about freedom

When I asked people what is their life about. I get different answers. It is becasue different people have their different life style. Further question I asked, what type of life you like to live. This is a million dollars question. Why I get into this sequece of abnormal question series. Because I'm moving into abnormal path that most people in the world ignore it or justify to not take any action get out from their defaulted life. Many people think this kind of talk is nonsense.

I did not mean others must follow me. It is a choice of what they really want from their heart. When a simple question through to 10 people, do you like freedom? I grantee 10 of them will answer yes. What you doing about it? Err.... Due to the fact of the defaulted life that people around us is doing things without freedom. Most of them could not answer what they can do. Some intellegent ones may tell you "I know what to do". Result shows, is definately.

There are allot defination of freedoms such as finiancial freedom is the most command one. What is finiancial freedom in reality? Most people may tell you have allot of money. How about a person have allot of money but they do not have time to spend it. Is he/her enjoying freedom? Or by the time they have allot money, they spend thier money for health due to long term unhealthy life style for their "Freedom" dream. Strange. How you want to define your "freedom" is up to you. really allot people end up of their so call "freedom" without time. Finiancial freedom without time freedom is just better than no freedom. The freedom will come if you do something about it. I saw this kind of person before. You may say they are one out of thousand. Yes, you are right. Life is just few 10 years, this person is not having more than you in triple. 24 hours is same for every one. Why he can be the one. For sure there is something being done before free out himself. I want to know how he define freedom. Not sure about you..

Monday, October 6, 2008

It is 10.24pm, One hour ago, I still enjoy a good dinner with my love. Now, I was very sad. I do not know what had happen. I know she is very sad on what I had said to her. I felt her heart pain as much as I can feel it. I felt the pain from the bottom up to the top. I know I said something and hit her very much. I can not reverse on what had happened, I know my heart felt painful. My tear floats my both eyes. I’m no superman to her. I know she is the one, the only one I can love for my life.

I miss her so much. I want to talk to her. I want to hug her tied to my chest. I want to hold her for my life. I know I love her so much. I like to see her smile again….

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

G-SPA The Ipod Health Beautician

It has been long day I did not comeback to write my blog. It is great to be back after some time of busy. Why I’m so busy, I guess everyone is busy in their life. So do I.

What m I busy about, I wonder if my life could have more time to do what I want to do it is a ideal case. When I start to learn “what is what ever it take”, it is a good to hear phrase but it is not a good to work thing. If you do not believe me, try it your self. However, there is always been heard about this from successful people. It is true they had taken what ever it takes to get to their level. I’m pretty sure people who want to success but not yet or they did not take any step to move forward to their success.

Today I want to share about a Ipod beautician. What is a Ipod beautician, it looks like an Ipod size but it can help to make you 5-10 years younger in just 10 minutes time. What is this thing? Is was given a name Galvanic Spa II system. What it can do. As named Ipod beautician, What is beautician doing? To help people to look beauty, and it’s abilities not just that. It can help to growth hair, it can help to break fat cell to shape your body. It can help to detoxify you nyhm nodes and to burst your blood circulation.
To be continue...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My last week at Portland, Oregon Part2

04 Aug 08:

It is 6am. I did not remember when I slept. I must have a noon nap as this is a noon time in Malaysia. It's time to go. I was so hungry. Wake up and after brush teeth. I packed my beg and went down reception. I ask "Hello! Good Morning. How to go to Convention Center?" I walked 5 minutes to reach the destination. I was so hungry at the time as it must be my dinner time already. I saw some people around a counter at the convention center. It was not much people here because too early I guess. I went into the Hall after registered and got my free drinking bottle (you are right, only one drinking bottle). Wah, the breakfast (my dinner) was served. Got hot dog, scramble egg, fruits juice, fruits. Fantastic, I ate all the way. After a while allot people come in. Some of their faces looks so familiar. Wah, it was started with a supper leader talk. The direction and road map is very clear. Ha, people around have to make it happen. I knew that... I have been to other convention specially the company with 'NUS'. Their convention is full with energy. This convention with beauty setup, but not much energy I can feel. Anyway, it is a great day 1 start of the convention. It continue until lunch and then go to the paper presentation. Wah, so many new idea and technical way to do work. Wah.. this one is good, that is very good. At 4pm.... cannot tahan.. walk back to Hotel and take a nap. 6pm back to convention center again. Because it is dinner time.. Continue by a speaker and then demo showcase, wah.. free "starbut" coffee, walk around the showcase and listen to those inventors tell and show me how their great idea and invention work. Oh.. really allot of things that I can use when I go back.. It end the day when I reach Hotel at 10pm. Wah, it is a compact day, I did not sleep well for the last 48 hours. It time to sleep. before that need to buy a phone card online... well well well. Got it and wait tomorrow need to call back...

05 Aug 08:

It is the second day of the convention, I wakeup at 4am instead and doing something online until 6am. Then nap again and go to convention ~7am. The convention started with breakfast (same type of food like yesterday) . Well, take some breah and egg juice for myself. Coffee then. The event started with speaker again, oh….. where is the energy? But the content is interesting where we will head to for the next few years. After lunch, got paper again, wah,, 3pm cannot tahan back to nap and meet some friend at 7pm for dinner (no dinner provided).

Yoh, we went to China town. Exited, exited, got other food to eat. Well, a group of people went to china town by bus (train cannot pass as the steel bridge close for expansion). Two Indians (vegetarian, cannot eat Chinese food) with us + one German, we are looking Indian food in China town, ha..…. Went to a 30th floor building got one “good” looking Indian restaurant there, but need to wait 1 hour. Wah, it is already 8pm. We went into a Lebonese restaurant. What is this restaurant? I do not know, but their naan damn good, soft and the smell of the naan slung into your lung. I ordered a special egg plant + chicken + Lebonese source, wah, that was very good…. I back to hotel 1030pm again. What, the heck another day….

Monday, August 11, 2008

My last week at Portland, Oregon Part 1

I was going to Portland, Oregon last week to attend a conference (Oregon convention center). I represent my company "I" and my team to this conference. I started my trip on 3rd Aug and come back on 8 Aug 08. It was a very short and compact trip. It just 7 days but it took me 3 days for travelling on the air plane.

I remembered that I plan my trip originally I wanted to travel on 2nd Aug 08 (which was Saturday) but it did not happen due to the availability of the air ticket. I was surprise where allot of people was travelling as well for the conference so I could not get the ticket on 2nd Aug 08. Also I tough I comeback on 8 Aug 08 was great to me but I must went to Oregon site for some technical pass down from US counterpart.

03 Aug 08:

This day, I started my journey to the Portland US Oregon. My flight to Singapore from Penang was 1025am. I remember my lovely girl friend and her family fetched me to the airport, before that we went for a breakfast. We had half boil egg with bread. It was a good moment. I reached airport is 1.5 hour early. I tough it is too much early but fortunately it is. because i forgot to bring my 'I" badge with me. I left it in my car. I had to get help to get it as I could not enter into the conference later in Portland. I must thanks to my girl friend father and brother to take it and fecth the badge to me personally. I appreciate those effort very much. Anyway, they seem to be free that day. I got into air plane by 10.15am and I left Penang. I enjoy a cup of coffee and a small pizza (i think) on the plane. It took me 1.25 hours to reach Singapore. I reached Singapore at 12pm. I have 5 hours to my next flight to San Francisco via Hong Kong. Singapore air port is really a world class air port and no other air part can compare at this moment. My gate was at Terminal 3 where this is a new Terminal to me. I went into T3 and I tough it was not grand as T2. However, it surprised me where it had more shopping outlets and food of choices. It event had a free cinema which play free movie for 24 hours. I watched a movie there and then spent some time for my lunch while working on my weekly report. And I used some more time for online. I went into gate and left 40 minutes. Before I boarded, of course I read some pages of my book, I like to read but I 'm not sure when I started it. It was amazing day for me. I just did not have chance to talk to any one else since every one there do not have chance sit there and wait for no reason.

On the plane, I talked to a women from US, she travelled back from India, I do not know her name (what a shame), we only have chance to talk for a while, as you know after the entertainment on in the international flight, people will just started their own business. I know she was a kid's cardiologist working allot for research and helping children to have a healthy heart. Just like me, helping people to become healthy as a health consultant. The amazing thing to me is she work in Standford University medicine of school. Haha... I forgot to get her contact and I do not have chance because I was requested to chance sit after reaching Hong Kong. However, I knew I will meet her again one day.

I sit with another black woman from US this round, from Hong Kong to San Frans. She is travelling back from Singapore and she ask me why I need to change sit? I told her because my place have two sits for a family member to sit together. Then she mind her own business until reach SF. It was 815pm at San Francisco when I'm at immigration. Luckly I change sit and get down faster that other people from the air plane, just because I only have two hours window for my next flight to Oregon. I need to pass immegration and domestic security check. The officer ask allot fo question to the person in front of me. I started to use my power of tought and think he must ask me only one or two questions instead of please do not ask me allot of questions. It took so long time until mu turn. My power of tought works well, because he only ask me "Are you come for a business trip?", The answer is yes then he chop the pass. hahaha... that is power of law of attraction. I get into my next gate 1 hour before the plane take off.

I reach domestic gate 1 hour before the depart time. Ha, I read books, while I read books, I saw some old couple (I guess is American) chit chating. What the heck I concern. I reach Portland Oregon at 12.30am. I was my first time to Portland. It was 12.30am. Without renting car, I ask the information counter. They directed me to the information counter outside the airport. I ask how can I go to Red Lion Hotel? Well, the only way transportation available during that time is to take Cap. I took a Cap and reach the hotel ~15 mintues. It cost me USD35. I get into hotel room by 1am. Cannot sleep and online doing something. I need to wake up at 6am later.